Biology Olympiad

The Biology Olympiad is a competition for highschool students (Mittelschulen in Switzerland/ FL) who want to know more about biology than the average school lesson can teach. Each year there is a possibility to go a long way using talent, brains and passion. During three competition rounds we search for the best junior biologists. In national preparation and final weeks fascinating experiences as well as new friendships are made. Moreover, the four best competitors will travel to the International Biology Olympiad (IBO).   


And this is how it works:

First round

We start off with a multiple-choice test taken within the schools at the beginning of each school year. We will be looking for existing knowledge, logical thinking as well as a flair for biology. Each year, more than 1000 students take part.


Here you can find old exams for practice.


Second round

The second round again consists of a, theoretical exam, however, this time, it requires more than just classroom knowledge. Questions do not primarily test pure knowledge, but rather the ability to use it to solve interesting scientific problems.


Here you can find old exams for practice.


As preparation for the second round, successful participants are invited to a camp in autumn. During this intense week university students provide a broad and deepened knowledge. This will be helpful during the proceeding rounds of the Olympiad, but also later on, during potential studies of natural science.

In addition, long lasting friendships between the clever and interested young people from all over Switzerland are often formed.


Third round: SBO Week

The Biology Olympiad’s final takes place in spring within the labs of the University of Bern. The 20 best contestants of the second round will now have to demonstrate their practical skills and their talent when handling biological problems. During four days, a final ranking is formed based on numerous practical tests with built-in theoretical questions. At the end of the week comes the Grand Finale: During a medal celebration the competitors are honoured and celebrated with friends, parents, teachers and organisers. Now it’s revealed who will represent Switzerland in the International Biology Olympiad.




Zweifache Bronze für die Schweiz an Internationaler Biologie-Olympiade

Eigentlich hätte die Internationale Biologie-Olympiade, kurz IBO, dieses Jahr in Japan stattfinden sollen. Doch dann kam die Pandemie und die IBO wurde durch einen virtu-ellen Wettbewerb ersetzt. Auf den persönlichen Austausch mit Gleichgesinnten aus anderen Ländern mussten diese vier Schweizer Talente aber nicht ganz verzichten.


Vier Biologie-Medaillen für Schweizer Jugendliche in Ungarn

Sie haben ihr Wissen und ihre Kompetenzen in Biologie international unter Beweis gestellt: Schweizer Gymnasiastinnen und Gymnasiasten gewinnen Silber und Bronze an der internationalen Biologie-Olympiade in Ungarn.


Walliser Schülerin an der Spitze der Biologie-Olympiade

Eine Walliserin, ein Thurgauer und zwei Baselbieter haben Gold gewonnen bei der Schweizer Biologie-Olympiade diesen Sonntag an der Universität Bern. Die vier Jugendlichen qualifizieren sich damit für die internationale Olympiade im Sommer in Ungarn.


Gold für Schweizer Maturandin an Biologie-Olympiade im Iran

Eine starke Leistung zeigte das Schweizer Team an der diesjährigen Internationalen Biologie-Olympiade. Die Maturandin Jana Meier von der Kanti Wettingen gewinnt Gold, ihre drei Teamkollegen holen Bronze.



10 junge Olympia-Gewinner in Biologie, Chemie und Mathe

Die Schweiz hat 10 neue Olympia-Sieger der etwas anderen Art: Die Biologie- Chemie- und Mathematik-Olympiade zeichnete talentierte Jugendliche mit Medaillen aus am 7. und 8. April 2018. Die Schlussfeiern fanden an der Universität Bern (Biologie) und der ETH Zürich (Chemie und Mathematik) statt.